can you learn to be happy in a book?

can you learn to be happy in a book?

The peace ambassador Prem Rawat said, "The greatest problem all around the world todayis that people are not in peace. People want peace." He is absolutely right that what people need is to live happily in a peaceful world.

Reading is a hobby that most people can do as long as they are able to read. Can reading bring happiness in our life ? What causes reading to bring happiness in people ?

Can we learn to be happy in a book?

Reading can build wisdom and knowledge

At school, students can receive only parts of knowledge from researchers and scholars because education is geared into a general understanding of all the subjects in the school curriculum. However, when we read books and articles from learned writers and scholars, we can gain more extensive knowledge. For instance, to know more about how to find happiness, it is advisable to read books on that topic.

At school, there is no curriculum about that; in contrast, most school subjects aim at developing students' ability to deal with the world of work, if we read books by scholars and philosophers, or if we read books written under the guidance of the Spirit of God, it is possible to build wisdom and knowledge; and such valuable knowledge can make us happy.

Reading develops knowledge

Some books might reveal hidden things to the readers. However, the writer might have used symbols or coded languages to conceal the message. Thus, it is crucial to understand metaphors and similes when reading books with coded language. Otherwise, it will be only a waste of time to read it. Some writers use such a method to convey their message because their book is not designed for the public; it targets only a few groups of people.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand the writer's language and purpose in order to build knowledge through reading. The Bible, for example uses a lot of coded languages to convey messages to the intended readers. For example, in this book, white symbolizes cleanliness and victory; in contrast, black represents death. The ability to interpret the writers' purpose in their books develops knowledge, and knowing the truth makes you happy.

How to learn happiness in a book?

It is challenging to understand everything by oneself when reading a book, especially when it is about an abstract topic like “happiness”. To look for happiness in a book, it is helpful to use the following strategy:

  • When choosing the book, read the first and last pages to have an overview of the content of the book and make sure that it is about happiness and bliss.
  • If you read a novel, check the last page to make sure that it is a happy ending story before reading.
  • Read the message of happiness many times and meditate on those words many times and see how to implement them in life.
  • Stick to the writer's guidelines on building happiness and avoid having any doubts in carrying the out.

Therefore,it is definitely possible to learn to be happy in a book. Many books have been written to gain happiness. Most of them are so abstract; others are written in coded languages. Thus, they require critical thinking skills. A good understanding of the messages in the book and implementing them in life develop knowledge and give happiness to the reader.

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