does literature help us to understand each other better?

does literature help us to understand each other better?

In life, it is necessary to live with other people because man is not forever self-sufficient. It is surprising that even if we have lived for many years with our relatives and siblings, it is difficult to fully understand them. At times, it is essential to understand each other better in order to excel in our objectives.

“This life that has been given to us as a gift. To really try to understand it is the greatest meditation.” This is a message by Prem Rawat, the creator of the TPRF Foundation. For him, meditation is the key to understanding life. But how can we understand each other better in life? Can literature help us to achieve that purpose?

Does literature help us understand each other better?

Literature can shape the quality of its reader

When reading a book, it is common to react on what is written, and this requires critical thinking, and maybe discussion with other readers. This consists of analyzing the main characters in the book and their roles in the story. It is common to compare the major characters in the book with people around us, especially about their personality traits.

For example, when you read a book about a nasty mother-in-law, it is normal that the reader compares the main character in the book, which is the nasty mother-in-law, to someone they know, who has similar characteristics. In contrast, if the reader is interested in one of the characters in the book, they will try to imitate the act and personality of that specific character.

Reading helps understand the behavior of the others

Literature can shape belief and behavior because of the writer's ability to use clear, vivid description of the major and minor characters in the story.

Moreover, the writer gives a clear description of the characters with well-chosen words. A clear mental picture of the physical appearance of major characters is given. Furthermore, eloquent words are used to provide realistic description of their personality traits and mannerisms, together with their interests.

To reflect upon the character in the story: 

  • First, compare the roles of a specific character in the book to the roles of someone you know, which can be someone at home or in the neighborhood or at work. 
  • Then, react by comparing their characteristics, their positive and negative qualities. Analyze their motives and purposes, while considering also their future intentions.
  • After that, it is normal to compare the problems and resolutions taken by the characters in the book to what happens to people around us and what measures they have taken or should probably take to solve their problems.

All things considered, literature can help us understand better the qualities of people around us, their points of view, their motives and maybe also their intentions. As a result, the more books we read, the better understanding we will have of our surroundings. To help you, you can also read books by researchers.

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, writes books to help develop our ability to understand each other better. Thus, to gain such clarity, it is recommended to read "Understanding the Business of Life" and "The GreatestTruth of All: You Are Alive".

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