Image do people have to read to emancipate themselves?

do people have to read to emancipate themselves?

Nowadays, with the advance of technology, people are less motivated to read. They only rely on short articles from the internet resources like blogs and similar pages. Even though electronic books are available, people rarely read them unless they are required at the school or college curriculum.

However, it is essential to read for many reasons. Why is it necessary to read? Should people read to liberate themselves?

Do people have to read to emancipate themselves?

Reading develops knowledge

Basic knowledge from the education received at school is limited. Teachers can only transmit a part of their knowledge to students because of time constraints. Unless we read, it will be impossible to attain absolute knowledge of past events, or of theories and strategies to succeed in life. Books are written by scholars and learned people in order to pass knowledge onto the other people.

Without ample reading, it is impossible to understand things in detail. Reading requires attention and reflection. The more we read, the better our critical thinking skills will develop.

Thus, unless we read, we won't be able to emancipate ourselves from ignorance because our knowledge is limited without enough information from learned and specialized people. In addition, it will be impossible for us to have clear understanding of our current life events unless we engage ourselves in reading.

Reading builds confidence

Books are written after much consideration and many reflections from scholars and writers. Thus, the reader should acknowledge that the book is designed to provide detailed explanation about the subject matter, including the writer's reflections on the reasons for the conflict on which the book is focused. Between readings, it is essential to meditate on what you have read.

Thus, instead of reading to forget, it is essential to read to understand and learn and apply what we have understood. Post-reading activities should consist of the discussion of the content with other people and understanding the lesson to be learned from the book. Thus, by reading, it is possible to know many things in life.

Reading can free us from deception

Believing in mouth-to-ear narration may lead people to deception because some time after passing the message to the other people, the content is modified. People combine their own interpretation and reaction to the reality, which caused alteration of the events when it is told via mount-to-ear.

Therefore, it is crucial to read to know the truth. Yet, to achieve that purpose, it is essential to read two or more books about the same subject matter and compare the authors' different points of view. Besides, a critical analysis of the content should be carried out. For example, you can speculate about:

  • The main conflict
  • The beginning and evolution of the history
  • The turning point which created a different point of view
  • The later events and the major decisions
  • The impacts of the decisions
  • How history or the story relates to the present

All in all, reading is essential to emancipate ourselves from ignorance and deception. Without knowledge, we might remain prisoners of the trickery and unawareness.

For example, it is advisable to read, "Peace Is Possible"; in this book, the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, develops how to succeed in relationship, which is one of the major conflicts in life.

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